4 thoughts on “Baby Baby Don’t Forget We’re Gonna Rock Till We’re Soaking Wet

  1. Seems every other 70’s punk band covered “Secret Agent Man” just like every other 80’s hardcore band covered “Stepping Stone.”

    Did your guitarist have large, round breasts?

  2. I remember playing the 45 of Secret Agent Man in my friend Reynold’s basement and thought it was incredible. What could be better?

    It was at Reynold’s house that we formed the band (pre Johnny Rivers) the Electric Lightbulbs, who concentrated on songs from Yesterday and Today. Reynold’s house had radio speakers wired into every room, and it was on a snow day that I first heard the Turtles’ Happy Together, over and over and over. I love that song.

    It was also at Reynold’s house that sat around reading novelizations of the Wild Wild West, until we discovered Portnoy’s Complaint. That was weird.

    Not long after that Reynold’s family moved. No connection is implied.

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