Night Music: Billy Squier, “Rock Me Tonite”

I’ve been distracted by work and haven’t been listening to much music, but last night I was at dinner with friends and started talking about the pull of the music that we loved in our formative years. Call them the teens. Maybe early 20s.

I used the example of people who loved Billy Squier when they were in their teens, and I bet they still loved Billy Squier. My friends and I hated him, of course, but it occurred to me I should listen to him again and pluck some of the glowing comments on YouTube. Here’s his biggest hit:

I was just reading the comments, however, and only a few people talked about how much they liked the tune. All the chatter was about how “ghey” the video director made Billy, and how Billy didn’t want to be “ghey.”

I’m trying to figure out why his record company would want him to make a “ghey” video to go along with his rock song. The video, made by Kenny Ortega—who worked with Michael Jackson a lot—is relentless.

And I’m not so sure my example about people continuing to love what they used to love, at least when it was Billy Squier, was a good one. And I wonder what would happen if they listened to the tune without the video.

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  1. Just found a good comment:

    willy smith2 weeks ago (edited)

    Awww, I don’t think its THAT bad, lol. All these old rockers are a little gay acting, if you ask me. Its just the whole rock n roller persona. I mean, does it matter anyway? If watching him prance around is the price ya gotta pay, here’s my wallet, because this is a great song by a legendary performer with an amazing voice. I’ll always be a fan of Billy Squire! : ) 
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  2. I didn’t even recognize the tune until the chorus. Then I remembered. I get him confused with Eddie Money, who had a much better name.Same time, same shit. Did Billy do a cover of Stone Cold Fever? I was looking for it on youtube but couldn’t find it. So let’s do this hippie hard rock right, complete with Peter Frampton jazzy jam and lots of get down get down.

  3. 1) “Ghey” – Noht thath there’s(h) anythingh whrong whith thath.

    2) Billy’s motions upon rising remind me of myself when I awake and have to shit. Really badly.

    3) I love when he puts on a shirt, then tears it and has to put on another. “Damn, I just put on that shirt, now I tore it and have to get another one! What the hell is wrong with me!?!”

    4) Do you think they made him dance that way or do you think they just said, “Dance” and that came out?

    5) A man acting like a woman pisses off macho men and turns on women. It’s half of what glam and hair metal were about. It all started with rock musicians wearing their hair long.

    6) That drummer has the highest crash cymbals I’ve ever seen. Why not just put them in a tree?

    7) People only continue to love what they used to love when it’s the best music ever. Like me.

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