Night Music: No Dice, “Why Sugar”

I am such a sucker for a killer pop tune, and this song is certainly one of those.

Delivered among the great waves of great numbers from the the Punk and New Wave bands across the pond, Why Sugar fits right in with a lot of other gorgeous songs/bands–Breathless (The Motors), and Starry Eyes (The Records) also come to mind–with vocals and guitar riffs and bouncing pianos coupled with deep bluesy growling vocals.

I bought No Dice’s album based upon the strength of No Sugar, but the rest of the disc didn’t hold up so well for me.

I guess that makes the band fall under the aegis of one-hit wonders, which is ok with me, as the one hit was a killer.

See for yourself (it is even better with headphones on).


2 thoughts on “Night Music: No Dice, “Why Sugar”

  1. Fascinating, Lawr, in how we hear things in different classifications. I hear a lot more of that bluesy, party, good-time thang I was stuck in a few weeks ago here than I do power pop.

    Hate to tell you, but take the keyboards away and it even has twinges of early KISS.

  2. I find it hard to believe that the band who made this, which isn’t an obvious pop move, didn’t make other boutique Small Faces tunes. That seems weird.

    Not that I’m disbelieving.

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