Steveslist: Outlaws, “Green Grass and High Tides”

No, no, not that Steve.

Steve–as in Gardner–and I were discussing our favorite guitar solos/riffs/songs during a particularly fun breakfast or ride to a spring training game or something.

My list is usually five songs, plus a couple that bounce around the top five, and that is that.

Steve tried to think of some of his faves, but drew a blank; however, that evening, my esteemed bud sent me a list of 25 or so tunes that fit his top axe numbers.

So, I thought I would load some of them from time-to-time, starting from this song by the Outlaws,  Green Grass and High Tides.

The reason this song grabbed me from Steve’s list is that I remember the first time I heard it, on the Marin county low wattage alternative station, riding around in an old BMW 2002, I suppose. At the time, the song caught my attention: I went out and bought the vinyl that very afternoon.

The Outlaws were certainly a cranking guitar-based band in much the same vein as Lynyrd Skynyrd, save one was more rock-blues based, while the other more rock-country based (not strange that the Skynyrd made Steve’s list, too).

But, especially since Peter was noting that he was into some rockabilly–not that this is rockabilly, as the guitars are on steroids–let’s go with this!

Just a week and all the Remnants will be in New York for Tout Wars, world! Come by the drafts at City Crab in Manhattan and say hi!

4 thoughts on “Steveslist: Outlaws, “Green Grass and High Tides”

  1. I saw them open for the Jefferson STARSHIP at a free concert in Central Park in 1975. I had just returned from hitching across the country – I mean like two days – and I had no place to live I was staying with a girl at Finch College, alma mater of Tricia Nixon and as it happens Grace Slick. What a time and place, and talk about your crazy chicks. Central Park was a block away and we went to the show. The Outlaws sucked, so did the STARSHIP. This song was their moment and it’s good but way too long. I just thought of this song, always at the top of my list of really long ones. This band’s secret weapon was their rhythm section, but for two smokin guitar players at their best this is hard to beat:

  2. I cut school with some friends in my senior year to go & see the Jefferson Starship in Central Park. Papa John Creech was very cool! I remember the Outlaws came out and they claimed it was their first outdoor gig. They were immediately booed with most everyone wanting to see the Starship. After the Outlaws jammed for a long time they ended with, as I remember, Green Grass and High Times. When the song was over, the crowd wanted more! I was impressed! The Jefferson Starship came out and were fine. But the Outlaws stole the show and were now on my map!

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