Night Music: Talking Heads, “Uh-oh, Love Comes To Town”

Screenshot 2015-03-04 00.07.16Some white reggae cum SOCA on the first Talking Heads cut on the first Talking Heads album. Who would have thought!

I was parking the car today, something we do in this city, and heard this on the radio. Wow. I hadn’t forgotten it. I’m sure I’ve heard it sort of recently, but dropped into the auto experience, I was blown away.

It sounded great, immediate, powerful, and reminded me of just how into this band I was when they were in their simple state. They got groovier later and that stuff is fantastic, but man oh man there is good music here in the working it out stage.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: Talking Heads, “Uh-oh, Love Comes To Town”

  1. Not sure this is white reggae, but that Talking Heads first album is indeed a gem. My interest in the Talking Heads was a roaring flame for a short time then burned out for good. I need to revisit.

  2. Beg to differ by agreeing. Yes, the simpler stuff was best, and by “simpler stuff” I mean the first 45rpm, “Love –> Building on Fire.” Thereafter, I lost interest in them. The first album was a real let-down. To this day I don’t get the attraction.

  3. I saw the Heads three times. First for free at Sproul Plaza Valentines Day1979. Then just before second album. Then the big suit tour. They were fantastic every time. same band, but different too each time.

    I too love Love’s Building…Dean, but Remain In Light and Little Creatures are equally good. I give them credit for evolving and still staying true to their core.

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