The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Here’s a fun one. Enter your birthday into this site and they’ll tell you what song was No. 1 the day you were born.

I doubt your song can be much cooler (or classic) than mine.

They’ll also tell you what song was No. 1 the night you were conceived, a real rock ‘n’ roll moment for sure. (I’ve posted about this song twice before, with various versions but not the giant hit that was Tennessee Ernie Ford’s.)

4 thoughts on “The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

  1. I’m Connie Francis. You guys probably like Connie Francis, with several waste-of-time posts to follow. (Wasn’t she in Sound of Music?)

    Good music didn’t start getting invented until I was a toddler and mostly not until I was 10 or 11, right when I began discovering music that the radio didn’t choose for me.

    What a coincidence.

  2. Ugh. No wonder I am uncool. I got “I Went to Your Wedding” by Patti Page (“Cry” by Johnny Ray, which is slightly better, is my conception song).

    Steve, your assumption seems to be no music was worth listening to before you were born. OK, so, if you were a music lover by nature, which we all are, what would you have liked?

    I tell you, Beethoven and Bizet can be rock’n’roll, and so can Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Or, Cab Calloway, playing our fave, “The Reefer Man.”

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