Afternoon Snack: David Bowie, “Diamond Dogs”

Today is National Dog Biscuit day.

pupsI am not sure how the rest of the country is reacting, but my three canines have taken the news lying down. After all, it is sunny, and our pups are older, so, unless there is a reason to get up–like someone giving them a biscuit–that is what they prefer (to the left are Jazzmine’s and Pavlov’s heads, while the white fluff behind them is our white Shepherd, Mahi).

Anyway, dogs rule, so in honor of them and Walter Kendall’s Fives (beef, vegatable, cheese, charcoal, and ginger),  the brand our childhood dog Babe got, here are Bowie and Ronson et al, with what I think is my favorite songus, canus.

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