3 thoughts on “Up All Night: Sebastian Bach Interview

  1. Interesting enough that I spent the six minutes as well.

    Two things:

    1) Does the kid seem a little slow to you? Perhaps I’m wrong to judge in five minutes, but she seems anything but close to her dad. Kind of sad.

    2) Skid Row did a decent EP of covers called “B-Side Ourselves” a long time ago, including a Ramones and an early KISS and Rush song.

    Def Leppard did a similar very good full album called “Yeah!” including a T. Rex, a Mott and a Thin Lizzy.

    It amazes me the shit level of original music these bands somehow concocted from excellent influences.

  2. I could not name a Skid Row song (take that Missy Elliot) and was not even sure what band Bach fronted.

    Yeah, the kid doesn’t seem so happy about the whole affair.

    In reality, Bach seems like kind of a dork, who happened into something for which he was suited? Like, Thomas Kinkade (blech).

    Though, I do see what you mean about the core, Peter.

    What is really funny we did watch the Oscars last night, for some stupid reason, and my favorite moment was Lady Gaga (referenced by Bach), who was really incredible. I write that having never seen The Sound of Music (and I never want to, so take that Skid Row), being more on the Python-side of liking Julie Andrews, and having never seen Gaga perform.

    I did see her on a talk show a few months ago, dressed normally, looking like a regular person–even a little shyly neurotic, in a cute and authentic way–and thought she was perhaps more interesting than I had given her credit.

    After last night, I know she has some serious chops, and, wants to be considered a serious artist.

    I’ll buy it.

  3. I remember going to the Saturday matinee of the Sound of Music when I was eight, and the scene was crazy bedlam. We were throwing stuff at the screen and each other, and the usher ladies were screaming and they had to stop the movie a few times. Not a movie for little boys, but the girls were mad at us.

    Gaga can sing and has written some excellent songs in that dance music style. I wasn’t sure what she was doing paying tribute to an old movie so late in the show, but she killed it.

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