Breakfast Blend: Delilah

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band didn’t only rock. But they did bring heaviness to moments that might have been kitsch.

But, of course, for those of us stateside, it was a Welshman with an awesome set of pipes, who turned this piece of shite into a hit.

Most interestingly, in recent times, Tom Jones has been criticized for advocating violence against women. He’s not having it.

Sure, good to talk about content, but this is a murder ballad, a form steeped in murder. And shouldn’t our art reflect all the base impulses? And if it doesn’t, can it even be called art?

One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Delilah

  1. A perfect example of why Bon Scott AC/DC trumps SAHB, even though “Midnight Moses” wins the singular achievement award.

    SAHB did a lot of this and, honestly, it’s annoying. I get the kitsch, but it works for about the first half-time through the song. By the third time you’re hitting this track on the album, it’s like “THIS again????”

    It’s almost enough to make one start single-songing with Pandora or one of its relatives.

    Almost enough.

    And you have my permission to write songs about whatever you want, as long as they sound good.

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