Lunch Break” Replacements, “Bastards of Young”

I got an email yesterday that tickets for the Mats were going on sale today, well, a pre-sale actually, and because I subscribe to LiveNation, I got a chance at them.

How exciting! So, I logged in this morning at 10 a.m. when the tix went on sale, got put in a queue for ten minutes, and by the time I was atop the queue, the pre-sale tickets were gone.

They go on regular sale tomorrow, so I will try again, but, well, I would be bummed to miss them, as would my friend Michele Friedman, with whom I usually go to concerts with these days. That is because Michele’s husband Jeremy Steinkoler, who is a fabulous professional drummer, just isn’t that into grunge, and my partner, Diane, only goes to concerts when my band is playing.

But, Michele’s friends Michael and Tracey wanted to come as well, as the three of them saw the Mats around 1980, so they wanna re-live their youth.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get tix tomorrow.

In the interim, here is Paul and the guys at their loudest and bestest (no disrespect Tommy Stinson fans).

3 thoughts on “Lunch Break” Replacements, “Bastards of Young”

  1. I just had the same experience, then discovered that tickets are mysteriously available on third-party sites for 4X face value. Why must we be subjected to this farce? Guess I’ll see you “in line” for tickets tomorrow.

    • I’m pretty sure the dynamic here is: Promoter knows they could sell tickets for more, but band may not want to stick it to all their fans. And even if the band doesn’t mind charging more, the promoter makes more selling them for face value to itself, and then pocketing all the 4x markup (rather than splitting that with the band) on resale.

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