Breakfast Blend: We Are the Warriors

We start off with a Norwegian punk band called Rowdy and Raunchy, which sounds promising, but they have made an energetic little song that sounds like bad theme song for a jeggings brand (whatever that is, I don’t know).

Coincidentally, a Jamaican band in the 70s called the Gladiators did a smash up job with a song also called We Are the Warriors.

You be the judge. Who sounds like warriors?

8 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: We Are the Warriors

  1. The Rastas win by a score of 100 to -4.

    Made it not quite a minute on the “punk” song. It’s that horrible, today’s idea of radio-friendly punk – generic, melodic, right out of the corporate can. Yuck.

  2. I am with Johnnine. Dig Rowdy and Raunchy a lot. Very well executed, though I like the Gladiators, too. Kind of like liking both Wasabi and Creamy horseradish, depending upon what you are eating (Reggae is some hard shit to play well).

    Steve, I repeat: you are a snob.

  3. I’m not sure who all these R&R lovers are (besides Lawr), but I think I have an idea. I’ve eliminated one possibility.

    Listened again, just to make sure, and I was correct, it’s horrible. Noticed this time how they layer a cheesy hair-metal guitar over top of solid guitar. Ugh.

    Which is worse – corporate pop punk or hair metal?

  4. Hmmm. I’ll bet if you asked 10 dopes off the street at least seven would identify this with punk over something pure power pop like Nick Lowe.

    Nick Lowe is clean, this is dirty. And stinky.

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