3 thoughts on “The Dead Kennedys East Coast Tour 1981, by Amy Linden

  1. 1) DKs were never a fave of mine, never cared for the tinny guitar sound. But this song is my favorite.

    2) DKs played my local scene at the legendary Catasauqua playground building. Russian Meatsquats got that opening gig because their singer booked most of the shows. Locally, Follow Fashion Monkeys got Naked Raygun twice (we’re on their flyer in The Punk Rock Encyclopedia) and The Descendents (with Gene’s buddy Bill Stevenson on drums) once.

    3) In any vintage punk footage you see, I am the most shredded, gnarly, musclebound, handsomest guy in the video.

  2. I thought the Dead Kennedy’s were pretty suckish when I thought all that west coast punk sucked. I was wrong about west coast punk, but I’m all aboard California Uber Alles making DKs one hit wonders.

  3. Forgot to mention I enjoyed the Amy Linden thing about Jello being an asshole. In the great original “American Hardcore” oral history there’s a story about Jello’s wife having rich parents and Jello would have to hide his new white BMW when he was around the hardcore crowd.

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