Name This Tune No. 2!

No prizes again, and this may not be that difficult, for obvious reasons. But even if you know the song, do you know the artist, and do you know the story? Discuss.

5 thoughts on “Name This Tune No. 2!

  1. It’s funny blind taste-testing stuff. Did you ever do it with beer? Lots o’ fun.

    I immediately recognized this as a song I knew and I thought I knew a cover version of it. Blind, it sounded very early KISS (Gene Simmons vocal) to me, although I knew it wasn’t them.

    Went to find who the artist I knew doing it was and there is only one – Thin Lizzy. It’s the opener from “Fighting” – an album I was very into at one time, but find myself always picking the more typical “Jailbreak” these days.

    But unless my shitty computer speakers betray me, this isn’t the “Fighting” version. I don’t know any story and I’m not gonna ruin Peter’s thunder by looking.

    “Fighting” will be the next album I listen to.

    Thanks for taking a break from art and culture, Peter, to play some rock ‘n’ roll.

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