Night Music: Jah Wobble (with Sinead O’Connor), “Visions of You”

I know Jah Wobble from PiL, but have to say that after their first two albums I didn’t really think of them much and, since he left, him not at all. So, his album and song Betrayal is new to me, and just as confoundingly beautiful as I find much of those early PiL records.

Looking into Wobble’s post-PiL career I discovered this tune, Visions of You, which was his first chart, um, hit. Reached number 36 in the UK, and number 10 on the US modern chart, though who knows what that was. Certainly a commercial for something that never came. We’re all pre-modern now.

But I like Sinead a lot, she’s fearless, and this World Beaty bit of New Age churn has a bit of edge, thanks to Wobble’s bass playing and lyrics that aren’t straight out banality. He may have said some of these things to his shrink. And it’s all pretty catchy, as befits a Top 10 US Modern Chart hit.

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