Breakfast Blend: Hot for Teacher

I came across this survey of different songs with the same name recorded by different bands, and the description of a Boston band who released one album in 1974 seemed intriguing. Their album was called Teenage Suicide and their one sort-of hit was called Hot for Teacher. Descriptions of them on the internet rank them as the legendary Boston missing link between glam and punk. You be the judge.

Van Halen, of course, had the better Hot for Teacher song, some years later, and the better video, too.

One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Hot for Teacher

  1. Looked at that Thundertrain album cover about a million times and considered buying it about a thousand. Never did. And if “Hot For Teacher” is the best, I didn’t miss much.

    Never was much into Van Halen, but, as this video demonstrates, David Lee’s over-the-top swagger always made it work. Van Hagar, not so much.

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