LINK: More Tubeworks, rock on TV before cable

In that John Lee Hooker story from Dangerous Minds, there was a link to another story about Tubeworks, from a site/magazine called Perfect Sound Forever.

The Perfect Sound Forever story is a first-person piece about growing up outside of St. Louis and being able to tap into the Tubeworks show, which seems to have broadcast over the phone lines (and through a converter box) on a regularly irregular basis. Read the story for the impressive list of performers and note that John Sinclair was a regular in studio guest. This was rock TV before cable.

Also note this excellent clip from the show.

3 thoughts on “LINK: More Tubeworks, rock on TV before cable

  1. 1) Wow. Super cool. Turns my crank. Blows me away.

    2) Raw “and I like it.” No lip synching here.

    3) Never heard Mike Bruce do backgrounds on this before.

    4) Go SGs!

    5) Dig that big swingin’ hoop earring on Neil Smith. Not exactly commonplace in 1971.

    6) I always thought Glen Buxton looked like Harvey Keitel.

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