Night Music: DM3, “1x 2x Devastated”

Friend of the Remnants, WFMU dj Evan Davies, played this gem on his show this week. Here’s a link to the playlist of everything he played. Check it out, it’s always a great time.

As for DM3, they were an Australian powerpop band led by a guy named Dom Mariani. They made three albums in the mid 90s that I did not know, so hearing this today was kind of mindblowing. Shortly after its release, Mariani, who was more famous for his band the Stems, was inducted into the Western Australia Music Industry Hall of Renown.

Bet you can’t play this just once.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: DM3, “1x 2x Devastated”

  1. 1) I like both guitar solos better than the Eric Clapton solo on the Phil Collins song.

    2) There’s something this reminds me of very much but I can’t quite place it. Closest my feeble old brain can come now is male Go-Gos or something.

    3) Seems like five minutes worth of a two-minute pop song.

    4) 12XU is better.

  2. That is a kick ass little tune w some cool couplets (sated/frustrated). But, not sure how quick I might get tired of it? Like sun dried tomatoes or garlic fries, the first few are great but u can never finish an order.

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