Afternoon Snack: Eagles, “Disco Strangler”

I know what you are thinking. Ugh. The Eagles. I understand. Truth is I feel about them the same way I feel about Hall and Oates. Which is basically, I am not sure I like them, but I definitely like some of their songs.

Which is not really fair. One song, and you can dismiss, but there are four or five from each group anyway, that I know I really like (I think this is where Elton John falls for me, too). So, it is hard to really dislike a band that at least got to you more than a couple of times.

Plus, I do like just about anything Joe Walsh does, or at least has a hand in. And, it is still hard for some reason to suppress the Lebowski instinct to hate the band.

This is a really great cut, though. Very well executed. Great drums (by Henley) and the bass by Timothy B. Schmidt just plays off those staccato chops by Walsh.

I get the band may not be your cup of tea, but give this track a shot. It ain’t bad.

One thought on “Afternoon Snack: Eagles, “Disco Strangler”

  1. I agree with the premise. There are some perfectly acceptable Eagles songs. Disagree with the execution here. This made with long for Miss You, or even Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, or even the Bee Gees. Any Bee Gees.

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