Night Music: The Beatles, “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

I have a teenaged daughter. She has heard a lot of music around our house, and has carved her own path toward her likes and dislikes. But I note that tonight, she came into the kitchen singing this one, unprompted, maybe the most Simon and Garfunkle-ish song ever for the Fab Four.

The culture endures, in surprising ways.

6 thoughts on “Night Music: The Beatles, “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

  1. Lucky you (I think). My daughters are lost in a sea of top 40 pop, hip-hop and bro country. Yet another reason it sucks when your kids live 500 miles away.

    Although I’m always torn between kids enjoying the parents music and kids flying in the face of what the parents like musically. The latter seems more the natural order of things. (Sometimes I wonder where my music collection will end up when I’m dead. Who’s gonna be the lucky dude who stumbles into Supershit 666 for $2 at the yard sale?)

    In any case Garfunkelish is a great name for an acoustic cover duo.

  2. My kids have a wide variety of tastes to put it mildly, all we ever tried to teach them was The Real Thing. My son Patrick loathes the Beatles. I get a kick out of listening to him rant about them the way I rant about Air-O-Smith and Billy Joel. Patrick likes the Stones somewhat, but mostly likes what can only be described as grandiose metal. This one is big with my 16 year-old son Peter:

  3. Now my Peter does like the Beatles. He was a big fan of the movie Hard Day’s Night when he was 3 or 4. When the Beatles ran around he ran around too, or he would beat on the floor with drumsticks.

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