Night Music: Pink Fairies, “I Wish I Was A Girl”

Here’s a tune that tastes equally from the Allman Brothers and the Raspberries canteen. That’s a crazy hybrid, and maybe you have a better way to describe the mix, but nine minutes of jammy power pop is hard to wrap one’s legs around. On the other hand, it is epic. Not artsy, but big. I’m not sure the video helps, but it is obvious and not without interest.

5 thoughts on “Night Music: Pink Fairies, “I Wish I Was A Girl”

  1. I definitely see the Allmans/Raspberries comps, it also reminds me of the Rocknroll Animal version of Sweet Jane. Speeded up but the same concept, at least until it gets jammy around 4:00. Then the Hawkwind influence takes on the Allmans. And Creedence, don’t forget Creedence. Those were different times.

  2. This is quite good. Makes me want to explore Pink Fairies further. (Any suggestions?) Know about them, but I don’t know them.

    Like the video too.

  3. Allman Brothers? I think Quicksilver Messenger Service are closer. And Man, what Man were doing, at the same time. Hey, it even reminds me what Tom Verlaine would do some years later with Television. Anyway, great song, you can substitute complete discographies with this only song.

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