Classic Nuggets: Robert Knight, “Everlasting Love”

I was shopping in Trader Joes the other day, where they stream oldies (at least the one in El Cerrito) and this gem came on.

Just a great cut (love the bass intro) that had me humming as I was tossing exotica into my cart.

There are a lot of covers, but the original is still the best, and this one, with a scratchy 45, cuts to the thing that I think gives music lovers a happy heart. (Note that following Everlasting Love was Jimmy Clanton’s Venus in Blue Jeans. I cracked up several folks as I was singing along. Should I be embarrassed that I know all the words still?). That song may be fun, but it is hardly a classic anything, however.

2 thoughts on “Classic Nuggets: Robert Knight, “Everlasting Love”

  1. Love this, Lawr. Shoppers at TJ’s El Cerrito probably think I’m crazy, since I can’t stop myself from singing along to the soundtrack of my youth.

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