Lunch Break: The Kinks, “Maximum Consumption”

Wow. You get sick and wind down your main work career, missing. or better being distracted for a week or so and look how much you miss.

I got a lot of catching up to do on “posts ex facto,” but just before I disappeared, Steve wrote about listening to something and watching football, when the viewer suddenly switched on the Food Network.

Seems like Steve couldn’t get his fork around that.

Well, as an admitted foodie, and pretty serious cook, I can totally understand. I watch the Food Network as a staple–along with the NFL network, MLB network, TCM, and Adult Swim–checking out at least one complete show of something every day (I not only learn places to eat on the Network, but some pretty interesting and valuable cooking techniques).

But, the whole food/music thing made me think of food songs. Ode to Bobbie Joe sneaked in there, along with Mashed Potato, Hot Pastrami, and of course Gravy, but I went with the Kinks during their fabulous Muswell Hillbillies period.

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