Breakfast Blend: Black Breath

This Seattle band played in New York the other day, and I didn’t go to see them. I’d never heard of them, but the review in the Times was enthusiastic, so I’ve been playing them. The band is great, the songs are inviting, the arrangements are clever with dynamics (if not exactly air), but the singing is a mystery. Why?

I’m not sure what should take its place, of course, but it wrecks these tunes for me.

Of course, we get back to the issue of live music, which brings different expectations. Just watching their heads on this one is fun. Almost. Stop singing!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Black Breath

  1. You had heard of them Peter, because I sent out that “Home of the Grave” video to you guys a couple years ago – pre-Remnants – because I was obsessed with it for about a month. (Who could ever forget that drummer?)

    I agree on the singing, although the “Unholy Virgin” song intrigues me into further exploration.

    I do like my rock ‘n’ roll dirty, like these guys. Not pretty pretending to be dirty, like Joan Jett.

  2. I guess I forgot about them, because of that singing. Yeah to the drummer.

    No argument on dirtiness of local hard core guys versus pop stars, but you have to acknowledge they’re doing different things. Not that Jett is much of a singer either, but she makes me want to chant along.

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