Night Music: Afrika Bambaataa, “World Destruction”

I’ve founnd myself in conversations with friends over the past few weeks talking about how things are worse now than they’ve ever been. It feels that way, there is lots of dark stuff coming out right now, but I grew up in the 70s. There was dark stuff then, for sure. I think the amount of dark stuff is always the same, it just isn’t always in our faces the same way.

And there is some notion that what is in our faces now will help us address the problem of institutional bias, and find ways to diminish it’s effects in the future. Probably wishful thinking, but a goal worth pursuing.

At dinner tonight our host was spinning a new Bill Laswell record, on vinyl! It sounded great, and was in keeping with Laswell’s lifelong attempt to mix up all the genres of music. There was some techno, reggae, and ambient on the disk.

Which reminded me of Laswell’s production of Afrika Bambaataa’s World Destruction, which features Johnny Rotten on backup vocals. This is crazy early 80s hip hop, end of the world punk hop, so I’m sure you’ll grok it.

There is much more to be said about Laswell, but for now, let’s agree that the world sucked in the early 80s, too.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Afrika Bambaataa, “World Destruction”

  1. Just glanced at this title as I scrolled down to see what was going on with the recent Gene post. My only initial thought was, “Geez, I only know one Afrika Bambaataa song.” But now I realize this is it. Had this on 12-inch single long, long ago.

    C’mon Gene, we need the obligatory swipe at John Lydon!

  2. No. I don’t hate the guy. I love the Pistols. I can even listen to some Public Image, Ltd. even though Johnny tried hard to drive me and tout le monde away. I only want him to go away NOW, with his Carrot Top on Crack act.

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