Late Breakfast Blend: The Animal Speaks

The second Golden Palominos album is an all star affair. Not everyone plays on all tracks, but you get the idea.

Anton Fier – drums, DMX, percussion
Bill Laswell – bass guitar
Jody Harris – guitars, slide guitar
Richard Thompson – guitars
Mike Hampton – guitar
Henry Kaiser – guitars
Nicky Skopelitis – guitars
Arto Lindsay – guitar, vocals
Chris Stamey – guitar, piano, vocals
Bernie Worrell – Hammond organ
Carla Bley – Hammond organ
Syd Straw – vocals
Michael Stipe – vocals
Jack Bruce – vocals, harp
John Lydon – vocals

Lydon sang vocals on this song. The record was produced by Anton Fier, for Laswell’s label, Celluloid.

An alternate version with Jack Bruce singing was released on a 12″ single b-side.

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