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  1. Don’t know why my brain works this way, but when I hear something new I classify and compare. By the end I heard this. Billy Joe Shaver is my favorite country artist. Should be as legendary as just about anyone in that genre, but isn’t. Another artist’s artist.

    This is, of course, not an original song and the final solo cuts off at the end, but the pictures are fun to look at.


  2. I find it interesting and depressing that when I post new songs (not that this is so new, early 2000’s I think) on Facebook, very few people listen. All they want to hear is the old stuff. I suppose I should expect this, but it grants insight into, for one thing, how the radio became so boring. In a culturally stagnant time such as 2014 it’s especially sad. Fuck you (almost) all.

  3. I decided the other day that part of the difference between people with and without musical cred is where they get their ideas. If their ideas come from the radio, they ain’t got none. I would’ve said this in 1973 if I had thought of it.

    Lots of people sing about the magic of the radio, but I suppose that was before my time. It became a non-entity for me a long, long time ago.

  4. Hey, I LIKED it on Facebook. I hear all sorts of Gram Parsons/Stones country sounds in there. I actually went looking for some Flying Burrito Brothers that matched the energy. I haven’t found it yet.

  5. I know you liked it, Peter, thank you, you were probably the only person to listen to it. Maybe one other, cuz I can’t imagine TWO people not liking it. Here’s another real good song from the same album.

  6. Billy Joe Shaver is up near the top of my country list. He’s great. But this Dirty Yankee song doesn’t evoke country. It sounds great, garage band plus epic. But what does it mean? I’m getting the same vibe here that I get from the much loved (but not by me) Drive By Truckers. Use the tropes to sound and act cool, but be cool? Or creative. I think not.

  7. This is a fine song. I’m partial to two chords and the lead guitar sings at the end. I won’t LIKE it on Facebook because I don’t do Facebook. I don’t LIKE Facebook.

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