Night Music: Lemonheads, “Mrs. Robinson”

As we saw with Joan Jett punkifying the Mary Tyler Moore theme, and my previous post of Hole’s version of Clouds, it’s punk’s illusions I recall.

I also recall the Lemonheads, who did the same thing with Simon and Garfunkle’s Mrs. Robinson, long before Joe Dimaggio’s 100th birthday. This is not serious, but it is hopeful it would upset Paul Simon. (Further research indicates Simon hated it, Garfunkle loved it. Beautiful.)

Evan Dando is a callow privileged ass, based on this video, but there is something theatrical that builds here. The song gets darker, despite his insipid smiles. Maybe that all derives from the movie clips. Let’s not give the Lemonheads more credit than they deserve.

Is there any reason to cover this song except the easy access to market video clips? This version certainly doesn’t improve on the original, at least not without the clips.

And, of course, you have to ask, why Venice?

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