2 thoughts on “Rock Song of the Year

  1. Boy, talk about lesser of evils.

    I vote for Jack White. This song isn’t bad, as wasn’t the album. But it isn’t even the best song on the album. You kind of can’t go wrong with Jack White stuff as it’s always good, but it’s gotten so samey it’s never all that exciting either.

    The rest:

    Black Keys – Compared to 99 percent of popular modern music, yeah, the Keys are fine. But overall they’re way overrated. Never could figure out why they’re so popular, yet other better rock bands are unknown. Always seemed like a poor man’s White Stripes. Jack White unabashedly says that too.

    Paramore – Silly throwaway pop song. Not even worth a whole listen.

    Beck – I never got Beck. Bought his masterpiece “Odelay” a few years ago and besides “Devil’s Haircut” I heard no big deal. Nothing thrilling about this song either.

    Ryan Adams – Nice to know Elvira is still alive and getting work. Nothing else to see here. Maybe I just can’t get the stench of Bryan Adams out of my nose.

    Yeah, this is the “best of rock” too. God save us from the other genres.

    • Jack White is just too weird, and weird in a way I don’t get. He’s got an aesthetic, and it’s loud, but his rock songs herk and jerk and often are the opposite of pleasure. This song is like that.

      The first Black Keys album is a blooze-rock rest, and very good. But as they’ve gone along they’ve stylized, maybe the way White has, and they aren’t as weird as White. They’re kind of fuzzy.

      I won’t argue that the Ryan Adams tune is great, but it’s the most pleasurable, even if it didn’t have Elvira. It gets my vote, the way Craig Biggio does in another election I don’t have a say in.

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