Lunch Break: The Who, “Tattoo”

Well, since we have been talking about both selling out, and tattoos, it just seemed right to post this as some lunch break fun.

The Who Sell Out is my favorite album by the band, and I brought this disc into the tattoo parlor when I was inked with my Tigger/Owl tat (in memory of my late wife Cathy, and son Joey) as I thought it would be perfect background music (it was).

BTW, I love Keith’s playing, but I also think it is a good example of Townshend being frustrated with him when he says “can’t you just be a metronome?”

One thought on “Lunch Break: The Who, “Tattoo”

  1. That’s a great song, and Moon is fantastic on it. When I was growing up tattoos and comic books were pretty much illegal, so I embrace a world that embraces graphics. Not sure why I need them on my already cartoonish body.Whatever.

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