The Vintage Caravan, “Expand Your Mind”

That has to be one of the worst band names, ever, but they have a sense of humor, so maybe they know that. Probably, because they’re Icelandic.

In any case, there is nothing new here, but it sounds really good and not at all nostalgic. And the video is pretty good, too.

7 thoughts on “The Vintage Caravan, “Expand Your Mind”

  1. Not bad at all. I don’t even see what’s so terrible about the name.

    Wiley Wiggins from Dazed & Confused on guitar.
    Typical punky-looking kid on bass.
    Justin Bieber on drums.

    Bonus originality points for no tattoos.

  2. Maybe. But, as the proud owner of four, with two on the way (I got my first in 1973) I have come to believe that some people are drawn to them, and some just don’t even remotely understand the whole idea.

  3. I respect your vintage tattoos, Lawr. There was still a time not all that long ago when a tattoo made a statement about originality and rebellion.

    Now they’re just part of the uniform.

  4. I get what you mean, although in talking with people who have tats, i have also asked them if their family members have them too. and, funny, either those folks kin totally love and have them, or are appalled at the very idea, so there might be more to it than just a drunken moment of conformity.

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