Breakfast Blend: Sonny Curtis

Reading Bobby Keys’ astounding obituary I learned that not only were Keys and his buddy Keith Richards born on the same exact day, but that Keys was taught to play the baritone sax by his high school buddy, Sonny Curtis, who took over as the singer/guitarist in the Crickets after Buddy Holly died. Curtis is now in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Crickets, and in the Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame, best known for writing two indelible songs.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Sonny Curtis

  1. Joan Jett is another mediocrity for me, making a career as basically a cover artist covering songs most people don’t realize are covers. I’ll always say her biggest musical contribution was making something coherent of the mess that was the Germs when she produced their album.

  2. I thought this was about Bobby Keys. I read Keef’s autobio, which was indeed a fantastic read, and there are mega adventures with the two (I think he notes Bobby and he shared the same birth date).

    And, yeah, pretty amazing wild ride of a life he had. I did not know the Sonny Curtis connection, though, nor did I know Curtis wrote Love is All Around (hmm, does that mean the Troggs were a mediocre cover band?).

    Tom noted some pretty amazing Keys stuff too in his repost of the SOW.

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