6 thoughts on “Lunch Break: The Rubettes, “I Can Do It”

  1. I don’t know what to say. These guys look like Slade meets AC/DC meets the Village People. And, well, at this point in the 70’s, i wanted the Clash and the Pistols.

    That said, it is a pretty good pop rock track.

    Steve, I don’t understand why you like the Raspberries, but not this. Or Queen for that matter?

  2. This never made it across my Atlantic either and golly I’m glad. For those who thought Sweet were too heavy, and those vocals are right out of Sweet. We Are The Saccharine.

    I can’t stand Queen either. I saw Queen open for Mott the Hoople in I think 1974 and walked out after about 10 minutes. Lots more walked out as they played. There was nothing to them, and to this day I don’t get it. Their rockabilly song Crazy Little Thing was the only time they ever even half rocked. They are hacks. One from Column A, one from Column B. I’m not saying that kettle drums CAN’T be in rocknroll but they should always be cause for suspicion. Freddy Mercury is the Ethel Merman of Rock.

    But Lawr, the Raspberries rocked. They put out. They had a drummer and a singer and some good hooks.

  3. The story here is that these bouncy boys were hired by dedicated hitmaker songwriters, and they made some hit songs. As dispiriting as I find this, this is the dynamic at every camp fire circle I’ve sat in.
    Which is why we cherish the exceptions.

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