Afternoon Snack: The Good Rats

Someone posted this picture on Facebook today, saying you know you’re from Smithtown if you recognized this spectacle.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 15.02.33

I didn’t recognize the picture or the band (or the spectacle of the testicle), but someone immediately commented, as you can see in the picture. The Good Rats!

The Good Rats played at a bar over by the ocean called Oak Beach Inn, a notorious place I only knew from their radio ads full of reverb. The Rats often opened for more national bands at clubs and arenas. But as you can see from the comments, it isn’t easy to win respect.

Lyrics quiz: I know they don’t mean much, but I can’t figure out the second line of the couplet that begins: Let me tell you I’m going to make myself famous…

Please comment if you can figure it out.

Another song from their first album, out in 1969, is pretty cool.

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