Lunch Break: Elvis Costello and the Attractions, “Dr. Luther’s Assistant”

This is an Attractions B-side, originally released with New Amsterdam from Get Happy! in 1980. I own the 45 pictured in the video. The song was later collected in many different places, including the first odds and sods elpee, Taking Liberties (in the US), and like all the repeatedly rereleased novel versions of the classic albums albums with bonus tracks from the Attractions’ early years.

It’s a weird perverse kind of song, swampy with decadence and transgression, not at all in keeping with Get Happy!’s soul inspiration. I find it creepy and catchy and very bent, and tried to post it at some point last year but couldn’t find a copy on the internet.

But now there is one, and it’s gotten 51 plays. Whoops, 52, I played it again.

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