Breakfast Blend: Another Distant Planet World

Okay, I didn’t know about this 1979 U2 song, and its humiliating video. But it’s U2 and they weren’t yet famous, so they were working it. Hard to blame them. Still…

A year before that The Only Ones released this tune, which is one of the great romantic tunes of all time. Disambiguated, of course. But please dare to compare not only the hook, but the ambition and imagination.

One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Another Distant Planet World

  1. Not that familiar with The Only Ones, and I so love Brit Pop, that it is wheelhouse city for moi.

    As for U2, primitive, for sure. And, Edge is playing his Explorer, and Adam Clayton a Riki, which is cool (think he just plays a Fender P for the last 20 years).

    But, shit, if my band was offered a chance at a video right now, and the producer wanted us to dress up like U2 in that vid and play like that, we would fucking jump at it in a second. Anyone who plays in dives and says otherwise is a fucking liar. And least with him/herself.

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