Breakfast Break: Voodoo in You

The first thing you notice is that this Jackie Jenkins tune, written by Jackie Avery, hints at what Stevie Wonder later creates in Superstition.

When Atomic Rooster covers the tune, cleaning up some of the murky atmosphere and toning down the propulsive drumming, it becomes more Blind Faith than swamp rock. With a guitar solo.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Break: Voodoo in You

  1. The Johnny Jenkins version sounds more Hendrix to me than anything else.

    The Atomic Rooster version is OK, but not quite heavy enough to be really good. BTW, why do the four guys in the still photo look nothing like the three guys in the band?

  2. There were a few different versions of Atomic Rooster. And confusion about who is who. In this version Carl Palmer, a very good drummer, is not drumming.

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