Night Music 2: Sonic Youth, “100%”

Wading back into the Sonic Youth songbook, all the popular Sonic Youth songs actually do sound a little like Wilco, though Sonic Youth got there first.

A band that lasts the better part of 30 years has it’s different phases, so there’s more to explore than just another catchy tune that didn’t chart. This one is quintessential SY, however, from the 90s, and is not only a little rifftastic, but danged listenable.

2 thoughts on “Night Music 2: Sonic Youth, “100%”

  1. I love the Wilco parallel. I had not made that connection.

    And, to be sure, I was not saying in the Rather Ripped piece that I did not like the Youth: rather that it took this for them to break through for broader play, just as it did ZZ Top.

  2. I never saw ’em, maybe that’s why they never really got to me. I like some of their stuff for sure, but I expected something wilder perhaps because they came out of the No Wave scene. The Sinatras used to rehearse in the same studio with some of them, and then Fun No Fun rehearsed in the same studio as The Swans, who were pretty wild and very loud.

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