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  1. There’s a funny problem with smart rock. This is a perfectly good and winning song, and after one listen I wouldn’t mind hearing it again. And you’re right, Gene, about the chorus.

    But there is a part of me that rebels against this nicely strummed songcraft, which is reinforced by good words. I like the sound, I like the words, but it all seems a little too neat. Which is why I appreciate all those Bar None New Jersey bands, like Yo La Tengo and The Wrens and Rage to Live and many others, and can enjoy them, but I never got enthusiastic.

    Strumming and good words is fine, but what it lacks is aspiration. Maybe Louie will go for more at some point and get it. Louie CK did, and does, on his TV show, which is not indie but is ferociously independent.

  2. This is OK. I can deal with it. If it appeared on pop radio today, it would be my favorite song.

    The poppiness saves it. Reminds me of Counting Crows minus the Bobcat Goldthwait vocals.

    Wonder if it’s Lou-iss or Lou-ee?

  3. This is ok, but doesn’t really grab me. I like the “whether/tether” rhyme a lot, but it sort of drones to me (which isn’t always bad: Yo La Tengo, can drone, but I love it when they do it with feedback and sonics) but the song doesn’t seem to go anywhere. And, yeah, the chorus is nice, but for the most part it just leaves me ho hum.

    Good question about Louis/Louie, Steve.

    I have asked the Giants mascot several times if it is a boy (Lou Seal) or a girl (Lucille) and never get an answer (of course it doesn’t speak, a la mascot, but gestures). I figure the androgynous character is just more cool bay area, though.

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