Breakfast Blend: Both Finns

Speaking of Crowded House, founded by Neil Finn in Australia, there is this excellent blue-eyed soul, with a decidedly gendermorphic and inexplicable video. What exactly is going on here? I like it.

Tim Finn and Phil Judd formed Split Enz in New Zealand in the early 70s, but turned progressively prog. The band met Roxy Music in 1976, opening for them on their Australian tour, which led to a move to England and being produced by Phil Manzanera.

After that Judd left the band, Neil Finn joined, and Split Enz became more of a New Wave band.

Eventually the Finns were awarded the OBE from Quenn Elizabeth, tribute to their role in the musical culture of New Zealand.

One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Both Finns

  1. The first/second Split Enz is in my top 50 (maybe top 20, maybe top 10, I forget). There are all kinds of conglomerations between their earliest recorded stuff and their next earliest stuff between Australian, English and American releases, so there are several choices as their debut.

    Don’t know how something so good became so bad in a relatively short period of time. “Matinee Idyll” is excellent, “Something So Strong” is godawful – played frequently on godawful 80’s on 8 at my gym. For the no one who cares, Phil Judd’s later stuff (not The Judds) isn’t any good either. It only worked together for some reason.

    For the record, “New Wave doesn’t mean shit” isn’t really accurate. I submit “New Wave means shit.”

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