Breakfast Blend: Stevie Ray Vaughn Covers

I was finishing up my taxes last night and found this improbable Beatles cover.

Which led to this utterly appropriate Stevie Wonder cover.

The Wonder is proof positive that a great song shines in different light. I’m not a fan of this hyperdriven guitar blues, not on record or the radio, but a few beers and a hot bar and guys who couldn’t tie Stevie Ray’s boots can make the format work if they’re loud and they play covers and classics.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Stevie Ray Vaughn Covers

  1. There’s that underhanded, passive aggressive insult-by-compliment live music thing you do again, Peter.

    Hope you never see me play live.

    • I was trying to make a straightforward point. I don’t get why guys who can play adopt styles that guys who can’t play can make work just as well. At least live, where the sensation wins over nuance. But maybe I’m missing the point, and it wouldn’t rock so much if it wasn’t so busy, but I don’t think so.

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