Algo diferente para ustedes

The professor of my Latin American culture class has us listen to a song or two before every class so that we can dissect them as a group. Today’s song was featured in the motion picture The Motorcycle Diaries. I just like it, and I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.

3 thoughts on “Algo diferente para ustedes

  1. I like a lot of things. And I listen to a lot of music from around the world. But what I like lands in the same spot: good rhythms, interesting melodies, nice vocals. I like politics, too.

    Drexler fails on all accounts (except nice vocals), which is probably why he ended up scoring a soundtrack.

    I offer Susanna Baca as an alternative to downtempo semisamba music that feels more like real music than Sting. (I know that sets the bar low, but how low can you go?)

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