Breakfast Blend: Positive Noise

A Scottish band started in 1980 by a rock journalist (Sounds) and his mates. The bio at Wikipedia is skimpy, but they had some indie UK hits and made three albums in five years before breaking up. The note on the Give Me Passion clip at YouTube says, delightfully, that they are more Magazine than Orange Juice, and I might actually know what that implies. The WFMU DJ Evan “Funk” Davies posted this video of their second single on Facebook this morning, and it has the video aesthetic of its day down pat.

Give Me Passion was their first single, which certainly didn’t have this video attached to it.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Positive Noise

  1. First song sounds like Gang of Four with horns and Mark Mothersbaugh singing. Definitely hear the Magazine in the second song (don’t know who Orange Juice is), but it makes me laugh and not in a good way.

    So hard finding new music or even new-to-me old music that’s any good.

    Skimmed the latest Rolling Stone at Barnes & Noble over the weekend and found an encouraging review of a band called King Tuff. Alas (I hate when people write “alas”), they were “meh” at best.

    Must concentrate on Sweden, with the exemption of the Mentos house band.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Peter!

    Steve, have you heard the Swedish band Free Fall? Their album Power And Volume from last year might be up your alley. Then again it might not.

  3. Wow! Good, this is. Like Bon Scott AC/DC playing Deep Purple. A little further investigation could result in a buy.

    Those damn Swedes strike again.

    I’ll finish with a poem:

    “Thank you efd,
    Whomever you may be.”

    • Glad you like it! That album was my favorite release of last year, and the rest of it doesn’t deviate too much from the sound of the title song (thanks for posting the video, Peter).

      signed, efd
      aka “The WFMU DJ Evan ‘Funk’ Davies”
      music and baseball fan

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