Night Music: Psychedelic Furs, “We Love You”

Gene lumped the Smith’s with the Psychedelic Furs and Tears for Fears earlier today, which is maybe in the right time frame. Heck, could be the same cultural moment, but for me it’s all different.

I liked the beginning Psychedelic Furs music. I never saw them, but Richard Butler was a personality like Morrisey, with more of an attachment to Johnny Rotten. That isn’t bad.  And the Furs played rock music.

In other words, I own Psychedelic Furs vinyl, but not vinyl of the Smiths. I’m not sure that means anything, but it tells me what I was thinking at the time.

Today, the Furs still sound good, kind of like an Englishy Strokes. Lots of chops, lots of personality, but also lots of derivation. In any case, this is fun.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Psychedelic Furs, “We Love You”

  1. Very Johnny Rotten here. That’s good, Johnny Rotten quit playing rocknroll and somebody with talent took his place, and despite the influence very much his own animal. My intro to this band was their poppier stuff, which in my mind anyway is all lumped together: Roxy Music-influenced in one way or another. It’s a radio thing too, around that time I was listening to the radio more and enjoying it more too. There was a radio mini-renaissance in the late 70s-early 80s. Not that it was great but it was better than most of the 70s. I was way too poor to be buying records at that time.

  2. My point is the same. The imports of value I own. Costello, Clash, Specials, Only Ones. Without going down into the basement I can’t document my irrational spending on import music. But it was stupid, especially in light of the internet age.

    But that came later.

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