2 thoughts on “LINK: Welcome to Megadeth, Arizona

  1. I just don’t get Megadeath and Metallica. And God knows, I’ve tried.

    Riddle me this, music professors:

    1) What are the fundamental differences between this, which is OK, but doesn’t move my needle anywhere close to the Supershit below, and that very Supershit?

    2) Why is this stuff exponentially more popular?

    • 20 years ago I was feeling a bit like a rock codger and I tried to get into Megadeath and Metallica. I think I bought some cassettes. But I just couldn’t. But I did find Helmet and Come and L7, all of which were heavy, but they swung. Those big bands are like disco, with unrelenting mechanical pistoning beats, powerful and constant (or constantly changing up, equally mechanically).

      Supershit and my bands swing a little. Even Helmet.

      Science tells us that our base instincts are commanded by mechanical rhythms (Buy that new Megadeath cassette fool!), but we derive pleasure from swing (Slip on that new disc from Come, lover).

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