A Mystery Song Challenge: Can You Name It?

My buddy Thornton sent me this link to a Vimeo clip. A friend of his says it was a song included in the mixtape Thornton made to celebrate the guy’s 50th birthday. 50 for Phil, it was called.

Maybe this was the one for good luck, because Thornton doesn’t recognize it.

I laughed with smug confidence that I could ID it, thanks to Apps, but neither Soundhound nor Shazam makes a match. And I’ve Googled most of the lyrics, but not the one’s from the Beatles Revolution, and come a cropper.

So, maybe we can crowdsource it. What I think I know:

The singer is in her 50s, since she went to the Concert of Bengla Desh in 1971.

This is a real song, not a demo. Too much mixing.

And it was probably recorded around the time Phil turned 50. Though I’m not sure when that was, I would guess that it was about 10 years ago, give or take a few.

The confounding issue is that the song doesn’t show up in the Soundhound and Shazam databases. I don’t have any idea how extensive their lists are, but I would assume any commercial release would show up. But maybe not.

And the fairly prosaic lyrics don’t punch up in Google, at least not for me.

Which leaves us with the song, in the style of Jill Sobule, or Beth Orton, or, well, I don’t know. It’s not a great song, but it is a mystery I don’t know the answer to. Do you?



3 thoughts on “A Mystery Song Challenge: Can You Name It?

  1. Obviously not my field of study. Is “in the style of Jill Sobule, or Beth Orton” supposed to help me?

    In the spirit of site participation, I’ll guess Iris Dement, the lady whose band I wanted to punch in the face.

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