Replacements on the Tonight Show, Tonight.

In 1986 the Replacements were banned from Saturday Night Live after a fairly rousing (at times) if typically rough hewn appearance that involved some forgotten lyrics and an eff-bomb. Plus staggering. Here is a clip of those performances:

What a mess by mmr421

That's where we're riding by mmr421

The banning pretty much killed their careers, though Paul Westerberg got around it by going solo.

Tonight the band is on the Tonight Show.

3 thoughts on “Replacements on the Tonight Show, Tonight.

  1. 1) Always thought The Replacements were kind of overrated.

    2) Is Rockin’ Bob Stinson wearing the same pants in both appearances?

    3) Nothing here is THAT bad. If you didn’t want The Replacements, why would you hire The Replacements?

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