Breakfast Blend: Jawbreaker

I got an email from my friend Walker yesterday afternoon. He was walking in the East Village over the weekend and ran into the singer/songwriter Rachelle Garniez, with whom he’s friendly. She was with a woman who was in the band The Friggs named Palmyra Delran. Walker looked the Friggs up on Wikipedia. He found, he wrote to me, a prize-winningly unique line.

“The Friggs’ song “Bad Word for a Good Thing” appeared in both the films Jawbreaker and Fuck.”

I checked and am pretty sure he’s right. No other song can make that claim.

I happened to see Jawbreaker in a press screening before its opening in February 1999. The Friggs’ song has a good sound that Blondie got to 20 years earlier.

Another song from the Jawbreaker soundtrack is Imperial Teen’s winning confection Yoo Hoo, and it’s weird and vivid video, which is a lot more winning than I recall the movie to be.


One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Jawbreaker

  1. You kind of had to be here. I’m reading a great oral history of 80’s Trenton punk palace City Gardens (free with Amazon Prime’s lending library and expensive as hell elsewhere – go Amazon Prime!) and I just – this morning – ran into The Friggs, a band I had never heard of. Weird.

    In any case, it’s good to know that Walker was walking.

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