Night Music: Randy Newman, “Burn On”

I was dipping into some long form Delaney and Bonnie with Clapton, on the one hand, and with the Allman Brothers, on the other, when I landed in a Facebook clip from John Coleman. John is one of the greats of Tout Wars play, and a man who has sold cigars to many of the rock stars we love and many of those we hate, so his opinion matters here more than most.

John lives in Cleveland and responded to my goofy comment that I was waiting, in the clip (which I can’t show because it was posted on Facebook, as best I can tell) for Lake Erie to catch fire, with a clip from the German VHS version of the front title sequence from Major League, which is a tune by Randy Newman about the river, not the lake, catching fire.

My mistake.

Delaney and Bonnie are one of the reasons everything punk hated wasn’t really hateable. But that’s a story for a different day.


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