One thought on “Breakfast Blend: Fire

  1. 1. Any reason for the Hellacopters is good.

    2. Looking at Arthur Brown in this video after he takes his hat off I feel like Alice Cooper should be ashamed of himself.

    3. Give me more of that Arthur Brown dancing. Now THAT is dancing.

    4. Speaking of, watched the clip of Niki Minaj’s Awards show wardrobe misfunction (for impure reasons) onstage with those other two godawful young popstar women – not worth looking up their names. Pretty much made me want to puke. As did what passes for popular music these days at these shows. Time to die.

    5. Semi-related, pulled up at a stoplight yesterday next to some young girl. She was blasting – yes – some godawful pop song. Worse yet, the song was like a couple years old. Then she started gleefully singing the chorus at the top of her lungs. I was thinking, “Not only was this song horrible to begin with, now it’s old, tired and horrible.” Double time to die.

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