Night Music: X, “Breathless”

The one cover song on X’s fourth album, New Fun In The New World, is their version of Otis Blackwell’s tune Breathless.

Breathless was a giant hit for Jerry Lee Lewis. One of my favorite songs of his.

But Breathless was also the name of Jean Luc Godard’s first feature.

And was also the name of a sort of remake by the once underground filmmaker Jim McBride, who turned a film about an American girl in Paris loving a French gangster into a film about a French girl in LA loving an American gangster.

X did the cover for the money and promotion, but as you can see in the clip, they perform it brilliantly. And differently. And this one of the great rock songs, no matter whose version you hear.

But we’ve opened up a can of it here. Godard meets McBride. Blackwell meets Jerry Lee Lewis meets X.

There is more to be said.

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